Rendered degaussing coil type VE and power module DN1100.
  • Extremely high field strengths as a result of especially designed and customized coils with standard power module
  • The demagnetizing solution is tailored optimally for each particular application with the aim of increased efficiency
  • For demanding demagnetization tasks, for which process-reliable adherence to the limit values relating to residual magnetism is a must
  • Productive demagnetization of bulk material or heavy individual parts
  • In traditional coils, electric current is converted into magnetic field strength with a very unfavorable reactive current ratio. The drawn energy is nearly completely converted into active power in the VE series

Maurer Magnetic

Magnetically pure

In state-of-the-art industrial production processes, the standard requirements for magnetism limit values on ferromagnetic components are between 2 A/cm and 4 A/cm, such as for precision cleaning or electron beam welding, in which smooth processes cannot be reached without the lowest magnetism values.
It is essential for a trouble-free production chain that consideration is also given to magnetism. The high field strengths of VE allow a near complete demagnetization of components as process preparation, because they no longer re-magnetize themselves on their own.

In 2001, Maurer Magnetic developed the Maurer Degaussing® demagnetizing process, for which a patent was applied for. With our many years of experience and the expertise we have acquired over time, our technology has been continuously enhanced, while our new relevant patents supplement it. Our in-house production also allows us to implement customer demands quickly and unimpeded, while ensuring our quality standards at the same time.


Productively removing magnetism

Autonomously working demagnetizer VE. Demagnetization, triggering by means of a light barrier, takes place automatically.
VE with integrated light barrier for pulse triggering. This allows the system to work autonomously

The VE + DN demagnetizer is designed specifically to be integrated into highly automated production processes in an industrial environment. The machine can be actuated via the integrated interface and all relevant process parameters can be read. The high demagnetizing performance makes this device the leading-edge demagnetizer in production applications.

The VE coil module is ideally sized to match the customer-specific application in terms of its performance and the dimensions of the active opening. The Maurer Degaussing® process and the effective air cooling provide for a high clock rate and productivity. The housing is made of electrically robust, fully insulating material.

Demagnetization of a complete barrel bearing, without inner ring, using a single demagnetization pulse.
Complete demagnetizing of assembled roller bearings with pulse technology and high field strength

Ideally tailor-made demagnetizing solution

The demagnetization parameters are determined in preliminary testing or based on experience from similar scenarios. The demagnetization solution is implemented promptly with optimally designed power and coil modules.

Range of parts

  • Demanding components with the high demagnetization requirements
  • Filled laundry baskets for improved cleanliness
  • Tools and small parts in bulk
  • Assemblies consisting of a variety of materials
  • Built-in carbide materials
Part spectrum of the tunnel demagnetiser VE. On display are metal washing baskets with ordered components or in bulk, connecting rods for the automotive industry, various milling cutters and ball bearing parts. The powerful demagnetizer VE is designed according to the customer's specifications, which is why there are almost no limits to the parts spectrum. If the VE reaches its limits, the high performance module DM is still available to demagnetize almost all components and washing baskets with bulk material.
Increased productivity with the ability to demagnetize many parts at once. Bulk material, transport containers with content or even complex individual parts are demagnetized with a pulse

Cutting-edge technology

For best possible demagnetizing

Power module DN stand-alone and the DN integration variant for demagnetizers from Maurer Magnetic.

This power module includes the power, interface and control elements of the demagnetizing system. The connection cables between the coil module and the power module are pluggable. By default, the power module is configured in pulse mode; continuous operation is also available as an option.

Power Module DN750 – 1850

  • Patented pulse demagnetizer, guaranteeing highest possible material demagnetization
  • Can be easily connected into automated production lines thanks to 24 V I/O interface
  • Interface for a trigger sensor for autonomous pulse triggering comes standard
  • Three power module types available
  • Operating status lights
  • Intuitive, reliable operation
  • Demagnetization in pulse mode
  • Robust design suitable for industrial applications
  • Versatile system
  • Reactive current compensated

The power module is also available for integration into existing switch cabinets. Please refer to the «DN-Integration» brochure for more information.

Technical data*

Coil moduleVE
Customer-specificWmax. 1230
external dimensionsHmax. 1430
(mm)Dmax. 1100
Customer-specificWmax. 1000
active openingHmax. 1000
(mm)Dmax. 1000
WeightkgTypically 80 to 400
Degree of protection IP20
Maximum field strength1kA/mTypically 50 to 360, inversely proportional to the active opening
Cycle timeTypically 2 to 6 pulse / min
Demagnetizing frequencyDesigned customer-specific
Power moduleDN750DN1100DN1850
External dimensionsW600600600
Power supplyVAC3PE 380 – 480
Hz50 / 60
Degree of protection IP515151
Peak current1,2A365280
Internal fuseA202020
Suitability for automationYesYesYes


Customer-specific external dimensions (mm) Wx H x D max. 1230 x 1430 x 1100
Customer-specific active opening (mm) W x H x D max. 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Weight(kg) Typisch 80 bis 400
Degree of protection IP 20
Maximum field strength1 (kA/m) Typically 50 to 350, inversely proportional to the active opening
Cycle time Typically 2 to 6 pulse / min
Demagnetizing frequency (Hz) Designed customer-specific


  • Base
  • Process monitoring
  • Safety function STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • Power selection (3 levels)
  • Shielding chamber
  • Power module as an integration variant
  • Fieldbus coupler WAGO or Beckhoff
  • UL approved material

1 effective value lower by a factor of 1.41

2 In continuous operation it is 1.5 times lower

* All informations are without guarantee