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Maurer Magnetic has been working with permanent magnets and magnet technology for over 90 years. We develop, build and supply effective demagnetizing machines and devices for measuring magnetic fields.

Permanent magnets are an integral part of modern technology. Here we provide you with sound knowledge about the theory and application of permanent magnets.

Specially magnetised magnet, as a customer request in a magnet system in the form of a turbine magnet

There is a large number of different magnet systems, which are better or worse suited to the application. There are also many possible types of magnetization of a permanent magnet, which will be discussed in more detail in this section.

The holding force of an open magnet depends on the application temperature and its distance from the holding surface. You want to attach a wooden plate to a steel plate, for example? Calculate here which magnet is suitable for this.

If it is a matter of explaining in more detail what a term means, you will find definitions from the industrial sector of magnets here.


Magnetism is a force that the human senses cannot detect. Accordingly, it entails dangers of which one is not immediately aware. We show you what you have to consider when handling permanent magnets.

Wir haben eine Übersicht über potenzielle Fragen rund um das Thema Magnete für Sie zusammengetragen.