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Permanent magnets

Maurer Magnetic has been working with permanent magnets and magnet technology for over 90 years. We not only supply magnets and magnet systems from our stock programme but also manufacture individual magnets and magnet systems according to customer specifications.

Building complex of Maurer Magnetic - Department for magnets in general, permanent magnets and

You are sure to find your ideal magnet in our range of around 2000 stock items. Or do you have a special application? We procure and have permanent magnets and permanent magnet systems specially tailored to your needs manufactured according to your dimensions and specifications.

Various permanent magnets. Discs, cuboids or cube magnets. Functional magnets with adhesive or with special coatings.

In our magnet discount shop you can buy directly commercial magnets as a private customer. If you need special magnets, you are welcome to contact us.

Recording the hysteresis curves of permanent magnets by means of Permagraph. Quality assurance of supplied permanent magnets/magnet systems or magnet materials.

Permanent magnets are integrated in modern technology. Here we provide you with profound knowledge about the theory and application of permanent magnets.