Rendered yoke demagnetiser JE for the demagnetisation of small components.
  • Table-top demagnetizing device with automated die-down function (AFDT)
  • Integrated AFDT function to prevent an unintended magnetization of parts due to a failure to remove the parts from the magnetic field when the device is shut off
  • Suitable for flat, easy to demagnetize components
  • As compared to the plate demagnetizing devices, it generates a much more voluminous magnetic field, which can provide better results
  • Either operated manually or, in some cases, can be integrated into automated systems
  • Internal temperature switch, switching contact for overtemperature can be picked up on 4-pin standard M8 sensor socket

Maurer Magnetic

For easy, hand-operated use

The JE series demagnetizing yokes are devices that Maurer Magnetic has enhanced. In traditional devices, there is a risk that components are magnetized followed by an early shut-off. The integrated AFDT function prevents this faulty manipulation.

The JE demagnetizers are operated directly from the mains, generating an active and stray magnetic field through the device’s cover plate. Residual magnetism in ferromagnetic components is removed with this device to a penetration depth of around 10 mm.

As such, yoke demagnetizers are ideally suited to demagnetize tools or flat components, for example.

Systems by Maurer Magnetic comply with the current common standards and are CE-compliant. Our company offers you only the highest quality products, designed to be extremely robust and sustainable.

Operation and Use

Versatile uses for small parts

Demagnetization of a round component, is pulled over the yoke demagnetizer JE266. Picture shows a repeated demagnetization of the component, whereby the component is turned or rotated after each demagnetization.

Example of a pulse demagnetization by using the AFDT function.

  1. Place the part in the middle of the top surface.
  2. Press de pulse button.
  3. Remove part.

In manual operation slide the part you want to demagnetize directly with a slow and continuous movement over the surface of the demagnetizer. The alternating field reaches it‘s maximum at the center of the plate. Alternatively the parts
can be demagnetized by using the field decline function. Put the part in the middle of the top panel an press the pulse button. The alternating decreasing field will demagnetize the part automatically.

All demagnetisers of the JE series have an external interface and can be integrated into automated processes.

Demagnetization of a small component by means of the yoke demagnetizer JE165. The component is demagnetized by a pulse which can be triggered by pressing a button.

Bigger parts need to be turned and the other side has to be demagnetized as well.

  1. Switch on the demagnetizer
  2. Slide the part slowly and continuously over the surface as indicated on the device.
  3. Turn the part and slide the other side of the part over the surface of the demagnetizer.

Tips to get the best results

  • Repeated demagnetization by rotating the component.
  • Pull the component slowly and evenly over the cover plate (e.g. conveyor belt).
  • In the case of hard magnetic points, turn the corresponding component side to the yoke side and pull it over the cover plate.
  • Demagnetize components with wall thicknesses over 10 mm on both sides or on all sides.
  • Multiple yokes can be used either directly one after the other or as a «double yoke».
  • With automated handling, make sure that the effect decreases disproportionately as the distance between the cover plate and the component increases. This distance should therefore be kept as small as possible
The demagnetization of flat components can be done with our yokes demagnetizer. The wall thicknesses of the components are limited, hard magnetic spots cannot be removed. Spring plates, gear wheels, cylinders or camshafts made of soft alloy steel.

Range of parts
Our JE series demagnetizers are especially suited to demagnetize flat components.

Technical data*

External dimensionsW250280400
Active surfaceW100105110
Degree of protection IP22
Maximum field strength1kA/m50
Duty cycleS1, up to 100%
Power supplyVAC1NPE 200 – 240 / 1NPE 110 – 120
Hz50 / 60
Device protectionA6.3


1 Effective value lower by a factor of 1.41

* All informations are without guarantee