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Understanding magnetism in particular – sound knowledge in all matters of residual magnetism: As the inventor and pioneer of the new generation of demagnetisation procedures known as Maurer Degaussing®, we will take you into the future of efficient and sustainable demagnetisation solutions.

Emergency: The production system has stopped or you are unable to start up your system due to magnetism? A specialist from our team will come immediately and directly to you in your plant / system with our comprehensive and powerful equipment. They will also bring their emergency case with them and rectify the situation, for quick assistance across the continent.

Highly magnetic components, machines or infrastructure require demagnetisation?
If situation planning is possible, we will organise the best solution through which to remedy the problem. Furthermore, the work will be performed by one of our specialists.
Transportable parts can be demagnetised efficiently and promptly on our premises with a wide range of equipment.


Do you wish to discover its capability in ongoing operation for yourself, or do you have a temporary demagnetising task to complete?
Maurer Magnetic provides various machines that you can rent.


Magnetism, and especially residual magnetism, is generally not a prevalent topic in the process technology environment.
You can build on our many years of experience with residual magnetism and its sustained elimination.
As a technology leader, we will show you “the does and don’ts” when measuring residual magnetism. We will also show you the most efficient demagnetisation methods for you without compromises and workarounds.

Measuring magnetism requires special measuring equipment.
Maurer Magnetic manufactures its own measuring devices or uses highly sensitive standard equipment.

There are no generally applicable norms or standards for measuring residual magnetism.
Thanks to the consistent compliance and specification of all measuring equipment and measuring stations, Maurer Magnetic has a reputation as the standard setter on the market, especially in the automotive industry. You are in good hands with Maurer Magnetic when it comes to using the accepted measuring equipment, drawing the right conclusions, e.g. from customer specifications, and aligning correctly with the customer.