Demagnetising parts in product carriers

Cleaning processes with increased residual dirt requirements require ferromagnetic parts to be demagnetised before washing.
In powerful demagnetisation machines, filled product carriers with parts can be demagnetised efficiently using a pulse.

Producers are increasingly confronted with low residual magnetism limit values and are looking for a way to demagnetise their products reliably: Thanks to Maurer Degaussing®, complete boxes with parts can also be demagnetised before delivery.

Inserted, layered or set goods

Defined and separate alignment prevents the parts touching each other and enables a defined position in the demagnetisation field. Good process reliability is therefore possible. In addition, there is no risk of damage to sensitive surfaces and edges due to the parts hitting each other.

Bulk goods

Bulk goods have the property of being not arranged and present in large quantities. The parts also touch each other. In this combination, treatment differs from the aforementioned arranged insertion into the demagnetiser.
The parts can damage each other. However, the forces are rather low so that many parts can be treated in this way.
Note that a significantly higher magnetic field power is partly required, as is the case for the individual parts. Magnetic shielding of the earth’s magnetic field, patented by Maurer, is essential to obtain good demagnetisation values. Process reliability is conditional and limited, and must be precisely tested with regard to adherence to limit values.