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Products: Measuring Devices

Field strength measuring devices and other products used to precisely measure magnetism

Maurer Magnetic produces custom-designed devices used for the precise and reproducible measurement of magnetism on components and magnetic material. Measuring residual magnetism is still not subject to any standards, which is why measurement results using different field strength measuring devices (tesla meter, gauss meter, magnetometer) often vary greatly. However, a precise measurement device is required to measure limit values (gauss, mT or A/cm). The M-Test LL, which was especially developed for this purpose, meets the highest requirements.

For measurements with low limit values, the influence of induced fields (earth’s magnetic field) can no longer be neglected. To reach location-independent and reproducible measured values, the components must be measured within a magnetically shielded environment (zero gauss chamber). This is why renowned companies from the automotive industry, the metal processing and semiconductor technology industries rely on the Maurer Magnetic.

Teslameter M-Test LL or also called gaussmeter, rendered with measuring probe. Active display shows maximum value storage of the measured north and south pole of this measuring period. The measured value measured in real time is displayed in white at the top.

Measuring device used to measure residual magnetism on ferromagnetic parts.
Reliably detects and precisely measures residual magnetism of even the smallest spatial expansion on ferromagnetic components.

Teslameter M-Test MK4 or also called gaussmeter, rendered with measuring probe. Active display shows measured value, since the value is relatively high, an LED on the probe is lit. The colour corresponds to that of the measured pole.

Universal field strength measuring device used to measure magnetic fields.
Precise static or dynamic magnetic fields are detected and measured with the M-Test MK4. The merely ~1 mm thick tangential probe even allows measurements in the air gap.

Rendering of a zero Gauss chamber in empty white space.

Shielding chamber for measurements performed in conditions that are almost free of earth magnetism. On elongated parts and materials with high magnetic initial permeability in particular, a field-free environment is relevant for a reproducible measurement.

Magnetic field viewer in a small container on a sponge. The magnetic field viewer must be stored in a humid environment.

Allows very weak magnetic fields on flat components, such as is the case on residual magnetism, to be detected and visualized. Very weak magnetic fields can be detected with the viewer on components as well as recording signals on magnetic coils, floppy disks or magnetic cards. Even magnet polarization is detectable with the viewer.