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On-site demagnetization service

Large components, machines or turbines are hard to transport; entire buildings or infrastructure cannot be transported at all.
Maurer Magnetic provides quick, uncomplicated service in order to deal with the on-site circumstances.


With our high-performance devices, we can also demagnetise difficult, large, immobile parts on your site. Conventional devices are unable to perform this task, or only with limits. Maurer-Degaussing® machines generate very small domains, we call this magnetic structure curiezed®.

The benefit for you: You do not have to dismantle your system for example, as our demagnetisation devices combined with our engineers’ extensive expertise ensure the required results.

Our experts know how to remove magnetism from buildings or large machines systematically and efficiently, regardless of the location – our employees are available to you around the world and will also come to your site at short notice in an emergency.
Get in touch with us. We shall be happy to give you non-binding advice.

Requirements for on-site demagnetisation

As our system operates using the pulse method, it requires a low amount of energy. Despite this, it still needs a power connection with sufficient cross section and power. This is between 230 V, 16 Amp. and 480V, 63 Amp. depending on the demagnetisation devices used.

The system or machine to be demagnetised must be easily accessible; support from customer personnel allows the work to take place faster.
For larger structures, working with a crane has proven beneficial and also helps to make quick progress with the work.

Examples of our successful operations on site

In more than ten years, we have been able to perform hundreds of assignments on our customers’ sites to their full satisfaction. Some examples of our work are below:

  • Demagnetising compressors, turbines or pumps in the offshore or energy sector
  • Demagnetising buildings and infrastructure components, especially in sensitive environments such as a research centre for nano technology, magnetic resonance imaging rooms, (MRT, MRI, nuclear spin tomography) in hospitals or a particle accelerator
  • Demagnetising large steel structures in a factory or pipelines before welding on a building site
  • Demagnetising complete sintering presses, including tools, receptacles and the press frame

Demagnetising service in the Maurer Magnetic laboratory

With a field strength of up to 400 kA/m and magnetic field shielding when demagnetising and measuring.

Weights of up to 1,600 kg can be moved without problems. Larger and heavier parts can also be demagnetised directly on the means of transport.

Assemblies, bulk goods containers or goods that are already packed in just one demagnetisation pulse – when compared to conventional demagnetisation, this procedure is particularly efficient and saves costs.

Our internal systems have:

  • various high performance coils for field strengths of over 400 kA/m
  • flexibly adjustable demagnetisation process parameters that can be adapted to your parts completely
  • passive and active earth magnetic field shielding for demagnetisation

Part range

  • Demagnetising springs, screws, small parts in bulk goods containers to a residual magnetism value of < 2 A/cm upon request
  • Demagnetising tools for sintering presses, predominantly hard metal dies
  • Demagnetising stainless steel parts with the aim of preventing dysfunctions in delicate sensory environments
  • Demagnetising housings of exclusive watches in the luxury segment
  • Demagnetising all types of metal parts made of steel, stainless steel or high-alloyed steel. Amorphous, ferromagnetic and martensitic materials.

Interior hard metal parts in assemblies are also reached and fully demagnetised.
We welcome the interest of employees in demagnetisation on-site or in our lab. They can follow the work, whilst our experienced specialists are happy to explain the procedures.


We are happy to issue certificates for the measured results, the values achieved and the measuring standard used following the work.


The system has stopped, the machine has not abated, production ceases – risky magnetism is present and any demagnetisation attempts have failed:
Get in touch with us. We will provide you with rapid on-site assistance!

Thanks to our many years of experience, the numerous successful demagnetisation tasks that we have completed and our suitable machines and equipment, Maurer Magnetic is able to perform the work on your premises individually, at short notice and to your satisfaction.
Get in touch with us. We will select a procedure together with you through which to perform the work required in an optimum manner.

Specialists with many years of experience and the suitable materials will come directly to you – anywhere in the world!

Individual parts, machines, rail tracks, buildings and other structures of different shapes and sizes are demagnetised quickly in accordance with the highest demands.