Standard coil tunnel demagnetiser type CT
  • Standardized demagnetizing tunnels in a continuous process
  • The components to be demagnetized are conveyed through a coil opening and demagnetized as a result of the increased distance.
  • The demagnetizing coils are fed directly from the mains supply (at 100% switch-on duration).
  • For easy to demagnetize materials for a range of thin-walled and small parts

Reliable and robust

For easy to demagnetize loose parts

The part spectrum of the tunnel demagnetizer CT. It can demagnetize flat and thin-walled components, which are hardly alloyed, in a continuous process. The components include thin-walled tubes, flat cutting tools, bent hollow rings and still flat deep-drawn components.
Suitable for flat and thin-walled lower alloy parts.

The CT series tunnel demagnetizers are robust devices based on tried and tested technology. The magnetic parts are continuously fed through the active opening of the coil and are demagnetized while being fed out along the coil axis.

Tried and tested tunnel coil program with standard effective openings of up to 750 x 550 mm. Quick and simple solutions for easy to demagnetize components.

Systems by Maurer Magnetic comply with the current common standards and are CE-compliant. Our company offers you only the highest quality products, designed to be extremely robust and sustainable.

Technical data*

Coil moduleCT1CT2CT3CT4CT5CT6CT7CT8
External dimensions¹W4515615566977066718491046
Active openingW150260250400400400550750
Degree of protection IP5050505050505050
Maximum field strength²kA/m252920261817119
Outlet section³mm500780100012001500160022002600
Duty cycleS1, 100%
Power supplyVAC1NPE 200 2402PE 400 480
HZ50 / 604
Device protectionA6.314182332323232

Coil module

1 Approximations

2 Effective value lower by a factor of 1.41

3 Minimum distance for removing the part along the coil axis

4 The maximum field strength is reduced at 60 Hz

* All informations are without guarantee