Hand demagnetizer HE2 - Rendering
  • Extremely high magnetic field strength of 320 kA/m
  • Removes surface magnetism even on hard metal
  • Manual demagnetizing device for manual, mobile demagnetizing applications
  • Demagnetizes surface magnetism up to 15 mm in depth
  • Robust design suitable for industrial applications

Manual demagnetizer

For hand-operated use

Demagnetization of a steel plate with a manual demagnetizer HE2.
High-performance hand demagnetizer HE2 for the demagnetization of individual components.

The HE manual demagnetizer from Maurer Magnetic is a reliable, high-performance device designed to effectively remove surface magnetism on ferromagnetic parts.

Residual magnetism is impeccably removed with this hand-operated demagnetizing device up to a depth of 15 mm. To demagnetize successfully, the demagnetizing device must be guided evenly above the component.

Systems by Maurer Magnetic comply with the current common standards and are CE-compliant. Our company offers you only the highest quality products, designed to be extremely robust and sustainable.

Technical data*

External dimensions1
Power supplyVAC1NPE 200 – 240 or 1NPE 110 – 120
Hz50 or 60
Degree of protection IP50
Maximum field strength2kA/m320
Duty cycleS2, max. 25 min. short-term operation
Power consumptionA3.3 or 6.6

1 Approximations
2 Effective value lower by a factor of 1.41
* All informations are without guarantee