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Measuring instruments

Maurer Magnetic has been working with permanent magnets and magnet technology for over 90 years. The measuring device developed by Maurer Magnetic and specially designed for measuring residual magnetism already sets the internal standard in a wide range of industries.

Calibration device of residual magnetism measuring instrument Teslameter or Gaussmeter M-Test LL. The sensor connected to the Teslameter M-Test LL is finely adjusted by means of two coils to set the measuring accuracy.

In order to be able to measure limit values (Gauss, mT or A/cm), not only a precise measuring instrument is required. Learn more here about what exactly has to be taken into account when measuring residual magnetism.

Measuring instruments and accessories Product overview for measuring permanent magnets or residual magnetism.

Field strength meters and other products for the precise measurement of magnetism.