Magnetism, and especially residual magnetism occurs frequently, blurred on a very small scale but also on a large scale.

We make it visible for you.

Various magnetic field measurement devices are available to us depending on the measurement to be performed or the development of the magnetic field. We perform static magnetic field measurements on parts or components and also at airports, as well as measuring dynamic magnetic fields from the environment, e.g. in buildings close to railway lines, or on handling devices.

We document the results for you in a measurement report.

Examples from this field of activity are:

  • Production parts such as screws and springs, or formed parts of an automotive supplier who is confronted with new limit values
  • Pipe couplings for marine applications on minesweepers
  • Magnetic moments with flux gate recorders for the magnetometer for space probes
  • Magnetic fields caused by high voltage and railway overhead wires.