Maurer Magnetic AG is one of the world’s leading technology companies in the field of magnet technology.

Permanent magnets and magnet systems have been sold to industry in Switzerland and neighbouring countries for almost 100 years. Many years of knowledge about magnetism and magnetism measurement technology have given rise to the new field of activity – demagnetization.

With the development of the Maurer Degaussing® technology, Maurer achieved a pioneering position in demagnetization.

The company was founded in 1923 and its share capital is fully owned by the Maurer family. The company is based in Grüningen, Zurich – where we develop our products and also manufacture most of them in-house. Our customers include well-known corporations and medium-sized industrial companies worldwide; our export share to overseas and Europe is over 80%.


Our innovative strength is rooted in our tradition: It has always been our ambition to do things right the first time. We strive for thoroughness and perfection. That is why we do not produce rush jobs, but get to the bottom of things. We patent our innovations so that we can offer our customers the most technically advanced products without compromises or workarounds.

Customers are our drive: Our customers can rely on us. Whether they want to demagnetize or measure magnetism, need advice or reliable magnet systems and materials – our mission is to give our customers competitive advantages through unique products and services.

Employees and partners: The high standards we set for our quality also apply to our employees and partners. That is why we only work with companies and people we trust and who meet our quality standards; we build our relationships long and carefully. This is how we guarantee the high quality standard of our products and services.


We want to grow continuously and sustainably and remain the technological leader in the market by offering our customers innovative and tailor-made solutions.

For this we build on the following pillars:

  • Swiss made: Our equipment and systems are developed in Switzerland and also predominantly manufactured in Switzerland.
  • Know-how: Our innovations are our strength and of course our core know-how is not outsourced.
  • Customers: Our partnership-based relationship with our customers enables us to understand their needs and optimally adapt our products and services.
  • Quality: We are certified according to ISO 9001-2015 and continuously review and improve our processes. Conformity to standards and the highest demands on product safety are a matter of course.
  • Product-Design: We leave nothing to chance in the design of our products and we select and combine the materials used with great care.
  • Employees: We attach great importance to the right choice and the training and further education of our employees.
  • Partner: We build up our suppliers and partners carefully and invest in their skills.
  • Organic growth: The share capital is owned by the Maurer family. We finance our growth exclusively with our own resources by reinvesting profits on an ongoing basis.



Christian Spiess, Albert Maurer’s foster son, joins the company as COO


  • Beginning of company’s own coil and cabinet manufacturing
  • 90 years of company history


Second expansion phase of the works in Grüningen


Start of development and machine building for industry in “Maurer Degaussing” technology


  • Development of “Maurer Degaussing” demagnetizing technology
  • Patenting of this technology worldwide


  • Certification of Maurer Magnetic AG according to ISO 9002: 1994
  • Magnet catalogue on internet
  • Albert Maurer purchases Maurer Magnetic AG from the community of heirs


Magnet range from includes neodymium high performance magnets


First building expansion with high-bay warehouse and manufacturing workshop


Development of the magnetic field measuring device M-Test


First procurement contacts with suppliers in China


Albert Maurer becomes Managing Director


Magnet range in catalogue includes Samarium Cobalt High Performance Magnets


Transition phase in company management


Premature death of Werner Maurer


Neubau des Standortes in Grüningen: Maurer Magnetic Grüningen


Development of magnetizing machines for the company’s own use


Range extended to include hard ferrites and plastoferrites


Development of permanent magnet systems as the company’s own products


Company acquired by Werner Maurer > Name change and conversion to Maurer Magnetic AG


Founding of the sole proprietorship “Rudolf Spengler” in Zürich > Import and wholesale of steel products from Great Britain