Demagnetising buildings and infrastructure structures

The idea that buildings, halls or an outside magnetic influence could have magnetic effects on the process to be performed or on sensitivities is not readily apparent.

Maurer Magnetic offers the optimum solution for every application.

Radiotherapy devices in hospitals

Nowadays, radiotherapy devices in hospitals are used in rooms with reinforced concrete walls that are up to two metres thick. The residual magnetism in the armouring iron can impair the electron radiotherapy functions massively. In order to prevent this, the armouring iron must be demagnetised thoroughly before installation. If this is not possible or no longer plausible subsequently, the only option that remains is to demagnetise all of the room’s walls completely, to install an expensive, multi-wall shielding cladding or to declare the room unusable.
Experience shows that rooms in hospitals are repurposed. In the worst case scenario, the room previously held an MRI high performance magnet that magnetised the entire room including the shielding precautions. If this is the case,
it is essential to demagnetise the building.

Rails, points, double crossovers

Residual magnetism in rails and the fasteners, as well as induced magnetic fields from the earth’s magnetic field cause errors and faults in signal transmission systems via the rails. This can then lead to faulty signals, also depending on the travelling speed.

Air field

Complete air fields and magnetised stands for aircraft also cause misdirections of the magnetic compass. The entire stand has to be demagnetised.

Piping, tank systems

Pipes are particularly susceptible to induced magnetic fields due to their length. This magnetism is sometimes so strong that welding pipe segments can no longer be considered. Multiple devices are used for this, which perform alternating field demagnetisation on the ends to be welded in the best case scenario and then move the remaining magnetic field, overlay it and therefore temporarily displace the magnetic field into the air gap to be welded. This cannot be called demagnetisation.
Magnetism that is not induced from the outside remains in the pipes. Studies have shown that hydrogen embrittlement is promoted in these types of magnetised pipes. This also applies to pressure vessels.

Electron beam welding

In electron beam welding, magnetic fields in the vicinity of the earth’s magnetic field already affect the welding beam. Welding is normally performed in a shielded room in a vacuum. If the equipment in the room or the work chamber is magnetically charged, this can cause uncontrollable welding processes.

Sleep disorders

Disordered magnetic fields that radiate from magnetic armouring iron in concrete floors, ceilings and wall elements or that come from steel beams in a building can cause sleep disorders.