Demagnetising with small and manual devices

With the JE range, Maurer Magnetic offers a demagnetisation device with a unique feature for these applications. Even small or flat parts can be demagnetised successfully using these devices, manually or in cycles.

Manual tools

Manual tools such as Allen keys, screwdrivers, pliers or hammers can transfer magnetism to the component or machine that was previously demagnetised if direct contact occurs. Manufacturers of these products must ensure that they test their tools for residual magnetism and can demagnetise them if required.

Surgical instruments

Whether it is in medical, surgical, dental or orthopaedic technology:
The tools used are mainly made of a stainless material. Stainless material can also have residual magnetism. This magnetism can cause the equipment to stick together and to interrupt the operating sequence sensitively.
Furthermore, when cleaning, particle adhesion on the devices must not be ignored. Hard and sharp blades, knives, scissors or cannulas are particularly susceptible to residual magnetism.