Rendered degaussing coil type KE and power module DN150.
  • Compact demagnetizer as a workstation device with a high field strength and a precisely controlled demagnetizing pulse
  • Especially suitable for manually demagnetizing complex individual parts, smaller bulk materials and hard metal
  • Magnetic field strengths of up to 120 kA/m deliver good results even in components that are hard to demagnetize.
  • Reduced stray fields as a result of the metallic coil housing
  • Easy setup and installation, power module operated from the 230 V AC directly

Maurer Magnetic

Magnetisch rein

The demand for completely demagnetized parts requires powerful and productive demagnetizing devices in a compact size. Satisfy these requirements with a simple, automated demagnetizing process.

The compact demagnetizer offers maximum performance in a handy and easy-to-use work station device. The KE is suitable for the most demanding demagnetizing tasks in smaller batch sizes. The KE is designed as a table-top unit for manual operation.

In 2001, Maurer Magnetic developed the Maurer Degaussing® demagnetizing process, for which a patent was applied for. With our many years of experience and the expertise we have acquired over time, our technology has been continuously enhanced, while our new relevant patents supplement it. Our in-house production also allows us to implement customer demands quickly and unimpeded, while ensuring our quality standards at the same time.


For versatile use

Demagnetizing coil type KE with power module DN150. Pulse demagnetization is triggered at a distance from the demagnetizer type KE. Demagnetisation of the container with bulk material by means of a single demagnetising pulse.
The pulse is triggered at a safe distance to the coil

The compact demagnetizer was designed as a tabletop unit to demagnetize smaller, yet sophisticated components or assemblies.

The parts are demagnetized by placing them in the active opening, and then triggering the demagnetizing pulse. This process does not require the parts to be pulled out. Its intuitive operation allows any user to operate the device properly. The demagnetizing pulse is triggered at a safe distance to the coil. As a result, the operator is not improperly exposed to the field, which is often the case where traditional, continuously operated coils are used.

Demagnetiser type KE, in the tunnel demagnetiser there is a small container filled with bulk material for demagnetisation.
The parts are demagnetized by the demagnetizing pulse within mere seconds
The part spectrum of the tunnel demagnetizer KE. Demagnetizes smaller containers with bulk material, smaller carbide parts but also larger components without problems. Thanks to the high field strength of the demagnetiser KE, even very demanding demagnetisation tasks can be solved.
Increased productivity as a result of demagnetizing bulk material, transport containers with content or packaged parts

What demagnetizing with KE + DN means for you:

  • Prevents metallic shavings from sticking
  • Improving cleanliness in the washing processes
  • Small parts do not stick together
  • Sensitive components do not impact each other
  • Process-reliable fulfillment of customer’s residual magnetism limits
  • Hard magnetic spots are demagnetized
  • demagnetizing of hard metal

Range of parts

  • Smaller bulk quantities: filled containers with an up to 50% degree of filling
  • Individual parts or smaller assemblies
  • Multiple pulsing allows even larger, elongated parts to be demagnetized

Cutting-edge technology

For best possible demagnetizing

Power module DN150 for demagnetizers of Maurer Magnetic.

This power module includes the power, interface and control elements of the demagnetizing system. The connection cables between the coil module and the power module are pluggable.

Power Module DN150

  • Patented pulse demagnetizer, which guarantees that the material is demagnetized all the way into the core
  • Operating status lights
  • Intuitive, reliable operation
  • Demagnetization in pulse mode
  • Robust design suitable for industrial applications
  • Versatile system
  • Reactive current compensated

Technical data*

Coil moduleKE200 – 150KE200 – 80KE160 – 100
External dimensionsW450450450
Active openingW200200160
Degree of protection IP313131
Maximum field strength2kA/m80110120
Cycle time1 pulse / 40 s
Demagnetizing frequencyDesigned customer-specific
Power moduleDN150
External dimensionsW300
Power supplyVAC1NPE 200 – 240
HZ50 / 60
Degree of protection IP51
Peak current2A20
Internal fuseA10

Coil module

Power module

External dimensions (mm) W × H × D 300 x 400 x 210 mm
Power supply 1NPE 200 – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Weight (kg) 12
Degree of protection IP 41
Peak current2 20
Internal fuse (A) 10
  • Process monitoring
  • Shielding chamber
  • UL approved material

1 Supplied insert plate made of plastic reduced height by 5 mm, removable

2 Effective value lower by a factor of 1.41

* All informations are without guarantee