Standard specification Type CT-U with power module DN for pulse demagnetisation or continuous demagnetisation with increased demagnetising power.
  • With an almost 4 – 16 times higher system performance as compared to mains-operated coils
  • The standard coil program offers a cost-effective solution to a variety of applications
  • Short cycle times due to factory-configured demagnetization pulse parameters, adapted to the range of parts
  • For industrial applications for which the magnetic field strength of a conventional continuous coil is not sufficient
  • Depending on the application, the demagnetizing coils are operated either in a pulse or in continuous process
  • The patented CFT® keeps the magnetic field consistently high, irrespective of the coil’s degree of filling

Maurer Magnetic

Magnetically pure

The classic tunnel demagnetizers have been in use more or less successfully in the industry for several decades. For the most part, their use and application options are fairly well known. Modern materials require increasingly higher demagnetizing field strengths in order remove any residual magnetism from them. Maurer Magnetic has brought the classic tunnel demagnetizers to a whole new level by adding the patented CFT® (Constant Field Technology). As compared to traditionally mains-operated coils, this increases the demagnetizing performance by a multiplier of 4 to 16. This opens up to entirely new possibilities: For example, heavier workpieces or several parts can be successfully demagnetized at the same time. Thanks to the control interfaces prepared in advance, integration into automated sequences is extremely easy.

This system can replace any demagnetizing coils already in use, which tend to show a decreased performance, and at the same place with the aim of meeting current and future requirements.

In 2001, Maurer Magnetic developed the Maurer Degaussing® demagnetizing process, for which a patent was applied for. With our many years of experience and the expertise we have acquired over time, our technology has been continuously enhanced, while our new relevant patents supplement it. Our in-house production also allows us to implement customer demands quickly and unimpeded, while ensuring our quality standards at the same time.


Can be used for versatile applications in automation

Power module DN with tunnel demagnetiser type CT. Power module is located at a distance from the demagnetizing coil, relevant for occupational safety.
The system is operated at a safe distance to the coil in order to avoid any impermissible field exposure
Tunnel demagnetizer type CT-U in a plant with conveyor belt. Demagnetizing in the passage of large components.
The coils even demagnetize reliably at maximum degrees of filling
The part spectrum of the tunnel demagnetizer CT-U. Carbide blocks, gear wheels, cylinders, valve needles or shaft sealing rings can be demagnetized with it. However, carbide blocks cannot always be demagnetized with a demagnetizing pulse.
Suitable for individual lower alloyed parts

The magnetically enhanced demagnetizing coils are either used in continuous operation or in pulse mode, making them suitable for both consistent and inconsistent material flow.

Universal in manual mode

Components are placed in the coil and are generally demagnetized with a pulse; magnetically resilient parts can also be treated with several pulses and by sliding an elongated component. When used in an automated production line, the device is extremely space-saving, because it does not require a run-off area, such as a conveyor belt or a roller conveyor.

Coil Module CT-U

The CT-U coil module is completely cast with insulating material. The coils are fitted with temperature sensors to prevent overheating. The coil module is connected to the power module with a 3 m long power cable; upon customer request, it can be adjusted.

What demagnetizing with CT-U + DN means for you:

  • Process-reliable demagnetizing
  • Multiple parts treatment
  • Energy-saving process
  • Fast process
  • Space-saving setup
  • Process-reliable fulfillment of customer’s residual magnetism limits

Range of parts

  • Larger parts with walls several centimeters in thickness
  • Rods/ tubes/ profiles
  • Bulk goods
  • Individual and small parts

Cutting-edge technology

For best possible demagnetizing

Power module DN 1850 + power module DN150 for demagnetizers of Maurer Magnetic.

This power module includes the power, interface and control elements of the demagnetizing system. The connection cables between the coil module and the power module are pluggable. By default, the power module is configured in pulse mode; continuous operation is also available as an option.

Power Module DN150 – 1850

  • Patented pulse demagnetizer, guaranteeing highest possible material demagnetization
  • Can be easily connected into automated production lines thanks to 24 V I/O interface
  • Interface for a trigger sensor for autonomous pulse triggering comes standard
  • Four power module types available
  • Operating status lights
  • Intuitive, reliable operation
  • Demagnetization in pulse mode
  • Robust design suitable for industrial applications
  • Versatile system

The power module is also available for integration into existing switch cabinets. Please refer to the «DN-Integration» brochure for more information.

Technical data*

Coil moduleCT1-UCT2-UCT3-UCT4-UCT5-UCT6-UCT7-UCT8-U
External dimensions¹W4565665617027116768541051
Active openingW150260250400400400550750
Degree of protection IP5252525252525252
Maximum field strength²kA/m9366484732302016
Cycle time1 pulse / 10 s
Demagnetizing frequencyDesigned customer-specific
Power moduleDN150DN750DN1100DN1850
External dimensionsW300600600600
Power supplyVAC1NPE 200 – 2403PE 380 – 480
Hz50 / 60
Degree of protection IP51515151
Peak current2A203364524804
Internal fuseA10202020
Suitability for automationYesYesYesYes

Coil module

Power module

  • Base
  • Process monitoring
  • Safety function STO (Safe Torque Off), only for DN750 – 1850
  • Power selection (3 levels), only for DN750 – 1850
  • Shielding chamber
  • Power module as an integration variant, only for DN750 – 1850
  • Fieldbus coupler WAGO or Beckhoff, only for DN750 – 1850
  • UL approved material

1 Approximations

2 Effective value lower by a factor of 1.41

3 In continuous operation it is 2 times lower

4 In continuous operation it is 1.5 times lower

* All informations are without guarantee