MFC compensation coils and MFC power module rendered - for compensation of ambient magnetic fields
  • Improves the results of component demagnetization for components that are designed to be slim, such as rods, wires and tubes
  • Reliably compensates externally constant interference fields, such as the earth’s magnetic field, or an existing dipole magnetization
  • Individual compensation field adjustment options with parameters for voltage, current and number of coil windings
  • Integrated interface for external release, monitoring and speed selection
  • The save buttons allow four different compensation settings to be saved
  • Can be easily integrated into existing conveyor systems with dividable coil modules

Low residual magnetism values

As a result of accurate compensation of external magnetic fields

In particular for components designed to be slim, constant external magnetic fields, such as earth’s magnetic field, may significantly disrupt the demagnetization process. Many demagnetizing systems are unable to compensate for the influence of external ambient fields.

The two coils of the MFC system eliminate disturbing ambient fields in the area of the demagnetizing system so as to reach the desired results.

These compensation coils are designed to interact with the RE rod demagnetizer. The magnetic field induced by the environment is actively reduced or even fully eliminated with it.

Thanks to the specially designed coil modules, which can be divided during assembly, the system is ideally suited for integration into the conveyor equipment of new and existing demagnetizing systems. Four different setting values that can be selected using the save buttons or the integrated interface also make it possible to cover a wide range of parts.

Technical data

Coil module225250
External dimensionsW320365
Active openingD225250
Ampere-turns4 mAW – 100 AW
Power moduleMFC-5
External dimensionsW236
Power supply1NPE 200 – 240 VAC, 50 Hz
Degree of protection IP41
Peak currentmax. 5 A / 30 VDC, short circuit proof
Duty cycle100%
Interfacepotential-free 24V interface via D-Sub plug

Display elements

  • Seven-segment display for coil voltage and coil current
  • Status display for power supply, alarm, cable break and
    Current control active
  • LED status display of all interface signals

Setting options

  • Rotary button for adjusting coil current and voltage
  • Polarity reverser for switching field direction
  • 4 memory buttons for saving various compensation settings
  • Number of cable windings per coil selectable between 1 and 5
  • Lock / Unlock button

Scope of delivery

  • 2 coil modules
  • Power module
  • Cable set for 2 coil modules (demagnetisation system is not included in the scope of delivery)


  • Commissioning by Maurer Magnetic on site (recommended)
  • Mounting bracket for installation in cabinet