Demagnetising bulk goods

In most cases, demagnetisation is performed before a washing process. The demagnetisation should be mapped in the same way as the subsequent washing process. In many cases, it should also take place in the same container as the washing process.

Demagnetisation process

Parts in the centre of the bulk goods are shielded from the demagnetisation field by the outer parts. Due to the low field strength or the insufficient demagnetisation process, conventional solutions do not achieve sufficient demagnetisation. The Maurer Degaussing® technology process package with the strong alternating magnetic field, and the magnetic shielding of the earth’s magnetic field on the other hand, penetrates the entire bulk goods. These are both patented Maurer processes and are independent of the part quantity and orientation, and the machine setup location. Bulk material is demagnetised using a strengthened demagnetisation pulse (“Field Multiplicator Technology”) within a few seconds. The combination of a strong magnetic field, many high-precision reversals of magnetism and the magnetic shielding enable very good and even results on the parts.

Special consideration for contract manufacturers

Supplier companies or contract manufacturers have a wide range of parts that have to be handled in the same manner. The demagnetisation package on offer is well suited for these situations.
When configuring the machine, the demagnetisation properties of the different parts must be tested. Some require a lower magnetic field than others. The system has the following decisive benefit: If the process is designed for the hardest part to be demagnetised, it is also successful for all other parts.
If satisfactory results cannot be obtained in the bulk goods, test an arrangement as inserted, layered or set goods.