Knowledge is the key to success!

Maurer Magnetic has been involved with magnetism for almost one hundred years and has already provided consultation to numerous customers from the most varied sectors. Many years of experience and many successfully performed tasks, coupled with new approaches on an ongoing basis and a range of ground-breaking inventions in the field of demagnetisation, such as the “Maurer Degaussing” technology, form the basis for sharing top-class expertise.

Examples of our consultation work are:

  • Drawing up practical process regulations for measuring residual magnetism
  • Analysing production problems and recommendations for avoiding the introduction of magnetism to the production area
  • Training and further development in all matters of residual magnetism

Magnetism as the cause of faults and damage

Make our knowledge your asset.

To determine magnetism as the cause of sometimes serious faults and damage is the challenge for our specialists.

Our specialists are often only called upon once all attempts to find the cause of the problem have failed. But regardless of when you call us: Our experts are quickly on-site.

Three examples of successfully resolved situations:

  • Bearing damage due to residual magnetism:Cause analysis and presentation of solutions with a compressor failure on an offshore platform. Increased residual magnetism on the housing in the vicinity of the slide bearing for the compressor shaft caused “arcs” and therefore burnout.
  • Magnetic rolling bearing interferes with electron beam microscopes:The magnetic large rolling bearing in a bearing unit for wafer plates in an ultra-clean room stopped the functions of two adjacent electron beam microscopes. With a concept that was drawn up especially for this problem, we were able to perform the demagnetisation in the ultra-clean room itself. The alternative was removing and re-installing the entire unit, which would have taken more than six months.
  • Magnetic unit interferes with electron beam welding:Demonstration of the influencing factors on the electron beam welding. Drawing up a concept to rectify and equip the supplier with measuring equipment, as well as successfully working demagnetisation equipment based on the “Maurer Degaussing®” technology.

Do you have a problem that is not caused by the usual faults?
It could be magnetism.

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Lagerschaden durch Restmagnetismus: Erhöhter Restmagnetismus in der Nähe des Gleitlagers verursacht "Lichtbogenüberschläge" und dadurch den verfrühten Lagerausfall.

Detect and remove interfering magnetism

Train your employees

Your employees should be able to detect interfering magnetism instantly. We will train your team and provide your employees with theoretical basics, practical knowledge and the procedure with the following questions:

  • Magnetism: How can it be detected, what types are there and what are they caused by?
  • Measuring with a teslameter: What must you be aware of when measuring residual magnetism and what influence do ambient fields have in particular?
  • Operating demagnetisation machines correctly: What are the most important process parameters and how do you achieve optimum results?
  • Occupational safety measures: What to do in order to comply with the current laws?

For further information get in touch with us. Our experts are happy to help.