There are many reasons to rent a demagnetising machine or a measuring device.

Rental range

In addition to the measuring devices, simple hand-held devices such as the yoke and manual demagnetiser, as well as the KE laboratory device are available at very short notice.
The large tunnel production machines such as those from the CT-U, SE and RE series in the medium power ranges, as well as the powerful VE series with higher magnetic field strength are available within a week.

Are we even affected by residual magnetism?

A measuring device from the M-Test product range provides information on this.
Find even the smallest magnetic fields quickly thanks to the exclusive and highly sensitive field indicator on the hall probe: You are therefore guaranteed not to miss any area that is affected by residual magnetism. Our teslameters also more or less set the standard, as there are no established guidelines for measuring residual magnetism. The measuring device is already standard in the automotive industry and the metalworking sector.

If you want to measure precisely, a suitable measuring environment – a magnetic shielding chamber called a zero gauss chamber – is available.

There are products that cannot be used due to residual magnetism

Sudden production faults or impaired quality due to magnetism?
Small lot sizes with strict specifications on residual magnetism?
Problems when welding or sticking components on to a press?

You need a solution quickly.

Renting a measuring device and/or a suitable demagnetisation machine helps to master the issue without delay.
We will look for the right product for you from our comprehensive range – one that suits your requirements and your budget.

testEntmagnetisierer mieten: Wir verfügen über eine Vielzahl von Entmagnetisierer zur Miete ab unserem Lager. Welche Entmagnetisier-Anlage Sie am besten mieten, entscheiden wir gerne zusammen mit Ihnen.

Convince yourself by trying out a machine

Demagnetisation cannot always be measured by the same yardstick, especially if there are residual magnetism limit values to meet. Precise examination and demagnetisation attempts are required to select the right machine A promising system for your problem can be determined very precisely on the basis of our experience gathered over the course of the widest range of completed projects. Maurer Magnetic realises the corresponding clarifications for this.

Our demagnetisers are designed for the highest productivity and therefore provide you with very powerful demagnetisation machines even for temporary use.

Please send us an e-mail through our contact, we will then suggest a suitable demagnetiser to you.

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