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Know-how and work safety for demagnetizing machines

Laptop with FEM simulation. Demagnetization of a thick-walled pipe by means of a tunnel demagnetizer. The field lines are strongly absorbed by the component, there are no field lines in the centre of the component, because they run completely inside the component. The demagnetization of the thick-walled tube is not completely homogeneous, since the field lines take the path of least resistance, as with current.

Learn how magnetizing and demagnetizing of iron and steel or ferromagnetic metals in general works.

The Maurer Degaussing® process is the most thorough non-thermal degaussing process and neutralizes the ferromagnetic material almost completely. Learn here how the technology works.


Do you want to convert magnetic units? Then follow the link to our magnetic unit converter.


Safety at work is important. Official guidelines and laws have been issued to protect people in the vicinity of demagnetizing machines. Below you will find the corresponding interpretations.

Folder about application reports and white papers. Know-how about demagnetization of specific application examples or special knowledge about topics around demagnetization.

We would be pleased to share our extensive expertise in the fields of residual magnetism and demagnetisation with you. Our whitepapers are available for download.