Demagnetisation in the aerospace, military and research sector

Space probe and satellite components must be demagnetised and tested according to the magnetic cleanness requirements. Otherwise, the highly-sensitive magnetic field measurement devices in these probes or satellites would become less sensitive.

Maurer Magnetic sustainably performs the tasks specified below.


The magnetic signature of ships and submarines must be kept as low as possible so that it cannot be detected by enemy magnetic sensors. For this reason, all ferromagnetic components are demagnetised thoroughly.
Furthermore, complete ship hulls are “demagnetised”. However, full demagnetisation is only possibly by demagnetising all structural parts consistently before building. A complete ship hull can be magnetically homogenised on the surface in order to later make the magnetic signature disappear using three-axis coils that are supplied with direct current – integrated in the ship’s hull. Heterogeneous magnetic field sources make this impossible.


Ferromagnetic components can magnetise themselves from the inside out. An insufficiently homogeneous magnetic structure and embedded hard magnetic zones enables this. The strong vibrations caused when the rocket takes off make the domain walls jump and bring out the remaining magnetic potential in the form of escaping magnetism.


Lightning strikes in the cockpit cause the entire cockpit to magnetise.
This magnetisation can cause serious incorrect indications on the various navigation instruments that are based on different technologies.
The magnetic standby compass is particularly affected by this. Demagnetising the cockpit thoroughly rectifies these incorrect indications.
Complete air fields and magnetised stands for aircraft also cause misdirections of the magnetic compass. The entire stand has to be demagnetised.

Research laboratories

Research laboratories that study measuring the smallest physical sizes (e.g. determining the mass of the neutrino) also depend on the magnetism remaining as low as possible in their “noise-free labs”. For this reason, the building structures (armouring iron, lifts, steel beams, etc.) must be demagnetised.