Demagnetising before welding

The components to be welded and the tool holders must be demagnetised to low values. On larger structures like bridges or steel structures, a combination of demagnetisation and pushing the field is common when welding. Beams, profiles, pipes, rods, sheets, plates, anchors, consoles, supports, bolts. All of these components can be affected.

For emergencies such as the building site stopping due to welding problems, contact us immediately. We offer fast and professional help to get work going on-site again.

Arc welding: MIG/MAG, TIG, SAW

The phenomenon of the magnetic bubble effect known in professional circles causes the arc to be deflected when welding. Even with a residual magnetisation value of just 10–20 A/cm, this phenomenon can be observed depending on the welding procedure and the current strength.

Electron beam, EB welding, EB hardening

In the electron beam procedure, even the smallest residual magnetism has an effect on guiding the electron beam precisely.