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The new Maurer Degaussing® demagnetization technology introduced at the beginning of the 2000s can reliably and efficiently perform tasks that were previously considered impossible. Here you can learn more about the technology and our product portfolio.

Find out how magnetizing and demagnetizing iron and steel or ferromagnetic metals in general works.

Demagnetize safely and everywhere with our process. Here you will find information about already established industry solutions.

Understanding magnetism in particular – sound know-how in all aspects of residual magnetism: As the inventor and pioneer of the new generation of degaussing processes, known as «Maurer Degaussing®», we take you into the future of efficient and sustainable degaussing solutions.

Product overview demagnetizers. Demagnetizers type KE and CT and power modules DM and DN.

Maurer Degaussing® achieves demagnetization down to below the field strength of the earth’s magnetic field. The complete product range of modular degaussing machines meets all requirements of modern manufacturing processes.