Magnetic field viewer also for very weak magnetic fields

Magnetic field viewer in a small container on a sponge. The magnetic field viewer must be stored in a humid environment.

The magnetic field viewer is the quick and clean way to make magnetic patterns visible. It requires no additional chemicals. The viewer allows weak magnetic fields, such as residual magnetism, to make recording signals from magnetic tape, diskettes or magnetic cards visible. It can also be used in computer and instrument applications. Problems with recording or playback systems can be easily determined. It also allows audio and video tracks to be synchronized.

Tools, pick-up heads or guide systems can be checked whether they are sufficiently magnetised. The patterns of magnets also become visible to the observer.

The magnetic field viewer is delivered in a humidity can to extend the operating time of the viewer. The optical resolution is 200 dpi. Analog standard level images can be viewed up to 500 Hz at 7.5 I.P.S.

Technical data

Optical resolutiondpi200